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Hi, I'm Silas Burger

We rely on modern technologies every day, whether it is calling into meetings from home, operating a retail business online, or searching for an alternative education.

I am thrilled to have a career in a stimulating field at such a pivotal time.


Engineering, Web

From 2019 to 2021, I worked on Ooma's web product.

Ooma Office is a cloud-based phone system that consists of conferencing, phone, and fax applications. My team developed a robust web app with React and Ruby on Rails for managing Ooma Office configurations and using virtual fax, video meeting, and call recording services. I worked on the frontend in a Jack-of-all-trades role where I implemented Ooma Office Pro UI, virtual fax features, and reskinning for Ooma partners.

Course Report

Engineering, React Native

In 2018, I interned at Course Report.

Coure Report is a site for finding and evaluating coding bootcamps. I helped build an MVP mobile app that allows users to read blog articles view schools, and directly contact the staff. The app features auto-pagination while scrolling, fuzzy search, and sort by location.

Exclusive Concepts

Ecommerce Analytics

From 2016 to 2018, I worked at an ecommerce marketing agency.

I specialized in site behavior and analytics to help clients boost profit with data driven decisions. My direct clients included large ecommerce companies such as Jomashop and elf Cosmetics. I led our development and design teams to design, implement, and monitor mulitvariate and A/B tests aimed at boosting conversion rate at statistical significance. We encountered numerous winning tests that raised rates anywhere from 5 - 15%. I also developed tests using jQuery and vanilla JS for dom manipulation.

Happy HIIT Timer

Workout Timer, React

I created a timer for high intensity interval training, or HIIT for short. You can add exercises and customize the timer to best achieve your fitness goals. Local browser storage remembers your settings for the next session.

WG Gesucht Updater

WG Search Tool, Python

I adapted a script I found to log in and ping an ad on a site, WG Gesucht, to maintain a position on the first page of the chronological search results. I containerized the script using docker.

React Snake

Snake Built with React

I exercised my knowledge of the React lifecycle to build my take on the classic arcade game. Click on the game and use the arrow keys to give it a whirl. The snake gets faster as it grows!

While making the game I ran into a number of React specific problems that I had to overcome. For example, elements with duplicate keys dropping from the virtual DOM.

Silas Burger

I'm currently seeking new opportunities. The best way to get in touch is to send me an email:


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