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Silas Burger

Silas Burger

Hi, I'm Silas!

I’m a rock climber, traveler, and meetup organizer who studies Spanish and web development. I have experience using several programming languages and frameworks, but my most valuable skill is an ability to apply knowledge of core programming concepts to understand new technologies. I think of myself as someone who is dedicated to their craft because I learn technologies fully and well before jumping to the next-big-thing.

Checkout some of my projects below!

Course Report

Mobile App and Proxy Server

As part of my internship at Course Report I helped build an MVP mobile app that allows users to read blog articles and view/contact schools. The project leveraged an Express proxy server to periodically retrieve school and blog data from the core rails server, store it in a redis cache, and serve it to the mobile app using RESTful standards. The app features auto-pagination while scrolling, fuzzy search, and sort by location.


Blog App Frontend

I built the frontend using Redux, React, and Bootstrap. Users can write, edit, comment, and vote. Posts are ranked on the frontpage of the site. The primary focus of this project was to design a hierarchy that connects components to Redux in a strategic and thoughtful manner. An interesting part of this project was using combineReducers to separate reducer logic so we could match reducers with associated containers.



Job Search App

The site features authentication and search functionality so that users can login and easily find jobs that they're interested in. When users apply for jobs the status of their application is remembered upon logout. I built the backend using Express and the frontend using React.


React Snake

Classic Snake Built in React

I exercised my knowledge of the React lifecycle to build my take on the classic arcade game. Click on the game and use the arrow keys to give it a whirl. The snake gets faster as it grows!

While making the game I ran into a number of React specific problems that I had to overcome. For example, elements with duplicate keys dropping from the virtual DOM.


Twitter Clone

I built a server-side rendered Twitter clone in Flask. This project taught me how to build a site with no frontend, relying on server-side templating and HTML responses. Working with Flask, I learned about auth patterns, the concept of a global user, and sessions.


I'm currently seeking new opportunities in software engineering. If you are interested in working with me, or just want to code, the best way to get in contact is to shoot me an email:


Feel free to checkout my resume, Github, Linkedin, or Medium.